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Canvas Basics

Access to Canvas

Access to classes is determined by semester start date and/or when the instructor initiates access. Student user IDs and initial passwords are automatically generated.

Logging In To Canvas

Canvas Login ID: Student ID number (ex: 881234567 or 991234567)

Canvas Password:  After August 21st, students will access through the new PeopleSoft. Login to the SIS and choose Canvas from the right-hand menu.

If they need to reset their Canvas password, they just need to follow the steps to reset their SIS password, since both systems will utilize a single-sign on.

If students cannot reset their own SIS password, they need to contact Admissions & Records at their campus, for assistance.

Contacting Your Instructor

If you need to contact your instructor prior to start of class, use the LACC Employee Directory.

Note: It can take up to 24 hours after you add a class for your account to become active in Canvas.

Additional Canvas Resources

What to Do If Your Login Fails

Call: LA City College Canvas Support
M-F: 323-953-4000 ext x2480
After hrs: 844-303-5593