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Introducing GradGuru for LACC

A smartphone displaying the new GradGuru mobile app.We are excited to announce the launch of a free new app called GradGuru, designed to help you navigate life at LACC. 

GradGuru is a free app customized by Los Angeles City College that helps you stay on track by sending you tips and alerts on college deadlines!

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Instillation Instructions:

  1. Download the App from the links above
  2. Select Los Angeles City College as your campus
  3. Enter your Student ID (beginning with either 88 or 90)
  4. Select "Allow Notifications", and you're all set!

Need help keeping up with campus deadlines and dates? 

Download the app, select Los Angeles City College, and enter your student ID, and you’ll instantly receive all of the important deadlines you need to know. The app will send you free push notifications and free reminders for upcoming deadlines.

You don't have to constantly check the app to keep your deadlines straight.

Once you’ve downloaded GradGuru, you don’t ever have to open the app again if you don’t want to! The app brings the reminders and tips you need to succeed directly to you. Everything pops right up like a text message! No hassle!

Want to transfer faster?

The evidence-based tips provided in GradGuru make it easy for you to know what steps you need to take to get through school faster. Get the info you need so that you can have the right conversation when you meet with your counselor.

Earn rewards for staying on track!

You'll have the ability to earn badges for doing things like checking in with your counselor, making an education plan, maintaining a 3.5 average, and more! Earn enough badges, and you never know what kind of cool prizes you can win.

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Learn More at GradGuru.Org