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CSU Application

  • Cal State Apply Applicant Help Center (Tutorials and guides on how to complete the application)
  • Don’t send official transcripts when you apply; wait until official transcripts are requested from you by each campus.
  • CSU does not require letters of recommendation or essay prompts at the time of application. Applicants to Nursing, and Social Work majors at some campuses may need to submit letters or essays with a supplemental application requested by the department.
  • Applicants to selective visual and performing arts majors may be required to audition or submit a portfolio with a supplemental application requested by the department.
  • For fall admission, apply October 1 - November 30 (the year prior to your transfer).
  • For spring admission, apply August 1 - 31 (the year prior to your transfer). 
  • For winter admission, apply July 1 - 31 (the year prior to your transfer).

    Not all campuses and/or majors may open for winter/spring admission.
  • $70 per campus
  • Students can apply for an application fee waiver for up to 4 UC and 4 CSU campuses. Fee waivers are available to US citizens, permanent residents, and applicants eligible for AB540 benefits. You can apply for fee waivers directly through the UC and CSU application, and will be notified of your eligibility before you submit your application.

CSU Transfer Application Guide

CSU Application Videos

Instructions for Undocumented Students

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