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Online Education

Online Learning Readiness Assessment


I understand that learning is my responsibility:

I understand that an online class is not easier than a traditional class:

I understand that trying to complete an online course solely with a smartphone may not allow me to access all resources in a course:

I am willing to send e-mails to or have online discussions with people I may never meet in person:

Self Direction

I am good at setting goals and deadlines for myself:

I am self-motivated:

I can work on projects through completion:

I can keep myself on track and meet deadlines:

Learning Preferences

I enjoy reading and can retain information studying in this manner:

I can learn from auditory content, such as lectures, recordings, or podcasts:

I am comfortable communicating through writing:

I can learn on my own but can benefit from working in a group as well:

Study Habits

I have a dedicated study space where I can read and work on assignments without distraction:

I can spend 8.5+ hours a week for a 3 unit course:

I can organize my coursework in a computer folder for easy reference:

I can dedicate a specific time of day or night to work on my studies:

Technology Skills

I am fairly good at using a computer and sending email:

I am comfortable using web browsers and navigating the Internet:

I can download files and add attachments to emails:

I can use word processing software:

Computer Equipment Capabilities

I have a computer that runs reliably on Windows or Mac OS:

I have Internet access with a fairly fast, reliable connection:

I have a printer:

I have headphones or speakers and a microphone if a class has a videoconference:



Online Learning Readiness Survey adapted from NGG, original by Penn State University, licensed under a CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 License.