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Using Cranium Café

What is Cranium Café?
What is the difference between Cranium Café and ConexEd?
What is Cranium Café used for?
How do I log onto Cranium Café?
How do I make an account? Do I already have one?
What kind of tools are available inside Cranium Café?
What Student Services can I have access to using Cranium Café?
What are Cranium Classrooms?
How do I make LACC my home campus when I log onto Cranium Café’s landing page?
How do I set up my Cranium Café card to include my picture and/or other details?
What are the system requirements to use Cranium Café? What browsers work best? Do I need to use a PC or laptop?
Can I use Cranium Café on the phone?
Do I need to use a mic or camera?
What are the hours for Cranium Café?
How do I search for a department by name? How do I search for faculty/staff by name?