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The Writers' Block


Our peer writing coaches work with student writers at every stage of the writing process. Whether you’re just getting started, formatting citations, drafting, or revising, we can help.

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Online appointments are synchronous, virtual appointments. You MUST be present online for your appointment and you will work in real-time, synchronously with your consultant in WC Online using video/audio, chat, and/or screen-sharing features.

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E-Tutoring appointments are “paper drop-off” appointments. They do not occur in real-time, meaning you do NOT need to be present for your appointment. You will provide a detailed description of what you would like to work on, attach your draft and assignment sheet, and a tutor will respond to your work by providing comments on your document.

E-Tutoring Appointment Requirements:
  • Attach a draft of your essay as a Microsoft Word .docx file to your appointment in WC Online.

  • Your draft must be 250 words minimum in order for a consultant to provide feedback. If you attach a draft that is less than 250 words (about one full page, double-spaced), your appointment will be cancelled.

  • Your feedback will be provided via an email from The Writers’ Block within 24 hours of your appointment start time.