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Office of Special Services

Specialized Academic Counseling

OSS provides specialized academic and vocational counseling specifically for students with disabilities. Counseling services include:

  • Development of the student’s Education Plan / Academic Accommodation Plan (AAP)
  • Determination of reasonable academic accommodations based on the student’s educational functional limitation
  • Referrals to and coordination with campus support services and community agencies
  • Liaison with college faculty and staff

The purpose of the Student Success and Support Program is to ensure that all credit and noncredit students promptly define their educational and career goals, complete their courses, persist to the next academic term, and achieve their educational objectives in a timely fashion. The goal is that students benefit from comprehensive and integrated delivery of services to increase retention and to provide students with a foundation to support success.

New and first-time students must complete the following 3 core services in order to receive a priority registration appointment for enrollment. Please discuss the following with your OSS Academic Counselor:

  1. Orientation
  2. Assessment
  3. Educational Planning

You may make an appointment to see an OSS counselor in person at the OSS or call (323) 953-4000 ext. 2270 or ext. 2286

OSS Counselor, Robert Dominick, meets with a student