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Conduct Policy

MLK Library Rules Governing
Patron Conduct while in the Building

Patrons may not:
  • Talk on cell phones
  • Eat or drink (except capped water bottles)
  • Sleep (Sleeping by students beyond the usual short study nap is discouraged in the library. Community users are reminded that the library is open for research purposes, and sleeping is not allowed.)
  • Leave children unattended or allow children to engage in disruptive behavior.
  • Have loud conversations.
  • Use innapropiate, abusive, threathening or insulting language.
  • Harrass other patrons or library personnel.
  • Be drunk, disorderly, or engage in disruptive or illegal behaviors.
  • Obstruct aisles with belongings or leave belongings or packages unattended.
  • Have very large bags in the library. These must be left outside the building, and the library assumes no responsibility for them.
  • Bring bicycles into the library.
  • Use skates or skateboards in the library.
  • Bring animals into the building (except service animals).
  • Loiter or solicit.
  • Have offensive body odor leading to complaints from other library users and/or staff.
  • Enter the library with bare feet, without a shirt, or clothing that results in excessive exposure.

Patrons must allow staff to search their belongings if they have set off the security alarm when attempting to exit or if staff have any reason to suspect they may have library items that were not properly checked out.

The violation of any one of these rules may subject the individual(s) involved to exclusion from the library.