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LACC Library Computer Usage Policy

LACC Library computers are available for students engaged in library research. The following policies are enforced to allocate and ensure unimpeded access to research resources in the Library.

Priority Usage

LACC students using the computer for research or completing assignments are given priority over other personal computer activities. Be prepared to show proof of student status with current LACC ID card and/or registration receipt.

Non-LACC Students

Computer use by non-students is limited to activities related to LACC. (See librarian on the first floor.)


Computer users must be a currently enrolled LACC student.

Peak Demand 

The Library Staff reserves the right to limit time on computers during times of peak demand.

Games and Chat

Library computers may not be used for games. Chat sessions should be related to an LACC assignment.

Offensive Material

Los Angeles Community College District Policy forbids accessing material that could be offensive or disturbing to others on college computers. This includes, but is not limited to, adult content (either graphical or textual), music or sound effects.

Desktop Configuration/Programs

Computer users may not manipulate any files on the Windows Desktop, reconfigure or change settings, or load programs onto the hard drive of any LACC Library computer.

Forfeiture of Rights

Violators of these policies may forfeit their rights to computer access in the Library.

Help Available

Faculty librarians are available to help with research activities and library staff and student assistants are available to help with printing procedures.


Microsoft Word is available on all computers but the Library staff is not obligated or responsible to help with document preparation. Library is not responsible for lost data.

Revised 3/3/2015

View/download the LACCD District Computer Useage Policy