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Fresh Success Application Steps for Students Not Yet Receiving CalFresh Benefits

Even if you do not receive CalFresh benefits right now, you may still be a strong candidate for the Fresh Success program. CalFresh, which is California's implementation of the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, provides eligible low-income participants with a monthly food credit, stored on an EBT card. If you are wondering if you are eligible, and for more information about CalFresh, you can Read the CalFresh Frequently Asked Questions.

Follow these steps to apply for CalFresh benefits and the Fresh Success program: 

Step 1: Complete the Fresh Success application

The information gathered in the Fresh Success application is used to evaluate your fit for the program, and is kept confidential among authorized staff members only.

Step 2: Apply for CalFresh benefits

You must be a receipient of CalFresh benefits in order to participate in the Fresh Success program.

Apply for CalFresh benefits and await confirmation that you are eligible. Follow these tips during the CalFresh application process.

Step 3: Submit your CalFresh Benefits Page

  1. Once you have been approved for CalFresh, you will be able to obtain a copy of your CalFresh Benefits Page from the BenefitsCal website.‚Äč
    • Navigate to the BenefitsCal website and log in to the BenefitsCal dashboard:
      • If it is your first time using the BenefitsCal website, click “Create An Account
      • Once you have created your BenefitsCal account, or if you have one already, click “Log In” and enter the email address and password you chose while creating it
    • Click “Your Applications and Cases
    • Click on "Link Your Case" and enter the necessary identifying information
    • Click “View Case Details
    • Scroll down, and click “download your benefits verifications
    • After the Release of Information opens, click “Create Notice
    • After the PDF is downloaded, click on the file to open it
  2. Print your Benefits Page
  3. Submit your Benefits Page using either of these options:
    • Upload your Benefits Page using this online form
    • Or, bring a copy of your Benefits Page to the Fresh Success program office located in the City Cares Network (Student Union 225).

      Please note: Benefits Page submissions that are sent over email will not be considered in establishing eligibility for Fresh Success. To ensure that your Benefits Page is processed, please use one of the submission methods listed above. 

      If you have questions about submitting your Benefits Page, please contact the Fresh Success program office for assistance at