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First Year Experience


Appeal Process

What is an Appeal for FYE? 

School can be challenging and often times life happens. We sometimes are just not able to complete all the requirements of the First Year Experience (FYE) program. Here are some of the reasons why you might become ineligible for the FYE benefits: 

  • You were unable to complete one or more of the FYE program requirements (ie., incomplete lab hours, missed seeing your Success Coach, didn't’t pass a required course, etc.)

  • You dropped under full-time status during the semester (generally 12 units but less if part of OSS)

  • Your GPA fell under a 2.0 cumulatively 

  • You did not pass either your math and/or English classes 

When students become ineligible for the following semester support, we request students to fill out an appeal agreement and submit it to us. An appeal agreement is an opportunity for you to request that the FYE program review your current situation and inform us as to why we should still consider you eligible for the FYE benefits.  

Need help with the appeal? Visit us in the FYE Zoom Lobby

Flyer for Zoom ConnectClick on the following link in order to get directed to the FYE ZOOM where you can get help registering for classes for spring 2021 or winter bootcamp. If someone is available in the zoom room, we will be happy to help:

What Is On the Appeal Agreement? 

The appeal agreement has 3 main parts (A, B, and C) and each part needs to be completed before meeting with your Success Coach who will go over the document with you.

Part A

Requires you to write about your current situation and how you intend to improve for the upcoming semester. Here are some examples below: 

  1. Answer and complete a question regarding your circumstances which prevented you from meeting the FYE requirements and the minimum academic progress standards. PLEASE BE DETAILED, HONEST, & SELF- REFLECTIVE. If needed, the Success Coach may require you to rewrite your responses. Providing documentation for these circumstances can help with reviewing your appeal agreement. 
  2. Answer and complete a question regarding the changes you will/have made to enable you to successfully complete your educational objective. 
Part B

Requires you to discuss your appeal agreement with your Success Coach as well as uncover what you plan to do in the upcoming semester to stay eligible for the program. You must meet with your Success Coach either in person or online via video chat. We will not accept emails regarding your appeal. Together you will figure out what happened and how we can fix it.

Part C

Requires you to sign the appeal agreement and submit to the FYE program by the deadline assigned to that semester.

IMPORTANT NOTE: By signing the appeal agreement, you understand the reasons why you are completing this appeal agreement. You understand that completion of this appeal agreement does not guarantee benefits provided by the LA College Promise grant for the future semesters. You will accomplish all of the goals you have set for yourself and if you have any barriers with completing these goals, you will reach out to the FYE program for assistance. If you do not complete the appeal agreement in full, you understand you will be ineligible for future scholarship assistance through College Promise.

What Happens After My Appeal is Submitted? 

The FYE program will review your appeal agreement and will determine if your request is either accepted or denied. You must attend a meeting with your counselor or success coach in order to have it reviewed (see opportunities above). REMINDER: an accepted appeal does not guarantee benefits provided by the LA College Promise grant but this is your best way to possibly maintain eligibility.

If you are denied, you may still access services through FYE, such as seeing your coach and/or counselor, but certain monetary benefits may be restricted. We will try our best to communicate support/resources you can use. 

Fill Out the Appeal Now and Must Meet with a Coach/Counselor to Review

Click here to fill out the Appeal Form now

Winter 2021 Workshop List 

For any students who need to sign up for a workshop during winter 2021, here is a list of the upcoming offerings:

RSVP for next week's workshops HERE

Name of Workshop Date Time Zoom
Career Exploration Monday, Feb 8 230-330pm
Time Management Tuesday, Feb 9 2-3pm

Growth Mindset Tuesday, Feb 9 3-4pm


Winter 2021 Basic Skills Courses 

Class Name Course Title Section Number Date & Time Start & End Dates
Math Bootcamp (non-STEM) BSICSKL 007CE 12912 M-TH, 9am - 12:05pm 1/25 - 2/7/2021


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During COVID-19, our hours have changed:

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