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Kevin Windsor

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GRIT (courage and resolve; strength of character)


. . . these studies suggest that our most important talent is having a talent for working hard, for practicing even when practice isn’t fun. It’s about putting in the hours when we’d rather be watching TV or drilling ourselves with notecards filled with obscure words instead of getting quizzed by a friend.

Success is never easy. That’s why talent requires grit.                       Wired Magazine

Let me encourage you to move towards a daily focus on who you want to be as a person. Part of that who is your character. Strive to achieve the following positive character traits:

            Be reliable                           [Attending class regularly]

            Be punctual                         (Showing up to class on time)

            Be considerate                     [Engaging positively with all people]

            Be self-disciplined                 (Completing work consistently)

            Be hard-working                   [Achieving your best results]

            Be persistent                        (Pressing on until you succeed)

All the best this semester,