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Joni Varner

Cinema 1 Class Schedule: Fall 2022

"Cinema 1: Introduction to Motion Picture Production"

This Class (Cinema 1) Fall Online Section: 25715/6
Professor Varner's Cinema 2 online class section: 25713/43

Note: Canvas is the Learning Management System used by the class. Canvas is accesible, for enrolled students, through the student portal, with no additional software and through the Canvas smartphone application.

Week of August 29th

Canvas - Module 0 - Overview and Class Instructions 
Canvas - Module 1 - Getting Started & Introduction to Filmmaking 
(Topics: Single vs. Multiple Camera & SD/ 2k-High Definition/4k/8k/Film)

Week of September 5th

Canvas - Module 2 - Developing the Project & Before You Begin Production
(Note: Monday 9/5 is a school holiday: Labor Day)

Week of September 12th

Canvas - Module 3 - Video Camera Systems (DSLR vs Mirrorless vs Camcorder)
(Note: Sunday 9/11 is the last day to drop or add fall classes)

Week of September 19th

Canvas - Module 4 - The Lens (which glass to use)

Week of September 26th

Canvas - Module 5 - Introduction to Film (analog S8mm-16mm-35mm)

Week of October 3rd

Canvas - Module 6 - The Film Image (light meter, chemical process, D.I.)

Week of October 10th

Canvas - Module 7 - Filters and Color (color temperature & matte box filtration)

Week of October 17th

Canvas - Module 8 - Shooting: Camera Support & Script Breakdown (types of shots, composition, scenes and scripts, tripods, dollies and drones)

Week of October 24th

Canvas - Module 9 - Shooting: Crews & Unions (movie jobs, freelancing, IATSE locals)

Week of October 31st

Canvas - Module 10 - Producing & Distribution (development, budget, actor releases, insurance and copyright)

Week of November 7th

Canvas - Module 11 - Location Sound: Mixer Systems & Techniques
(microphones, mixers and recorders. connectors, tone, clapper slate, single vs double system sound)
(Note: Friday 11/11 is school holiday: Veteran's Day)

Week of November 14th

Canvas - Module 12 - Postproduction Sound: Editing & Mixing
(post-production sound, music and scoring, international release) 

Week of November 21st

Canvas - Module 13 - Lighting
(mood, light postion and type, spill, 3-point, lamps, LED, juicing)
(Note: Thursday & Friday 11/26-27 are school holidays: Thanksgiving)

Week of November 28th

Canvas - Module 14 - Visual Editing and Effects
(post-production video editing, montage, screen direction, CGI, composting, Virtual Production: The Volume, Mo-Cap, Pre-Viz)

Week of December 5th

Canvas- Module 15 - Video Editing Systems & Film Tech Prep
(editing computers and low cost software, DCP and LUTs, Telecine)

Week of December 12th - Final Exam Week

Canvas - Module 16 - The Video Image (Coding and Color)
(resolution and bit depth, color sampling, JPEG and MPEG)
Final Exam (50 questions)

Note: This is the the end of the class - no make-ups for any online work after the last day of classes.