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Mickey Hong

Welcome to the LACC Korean Program

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Los Angeles City College is the only community college to offer AA and bi-level Certificates of Achievement (California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office approved) in Korean Language and Civilization.

Ours is the biggest community college program in California, competitive with university programs in enrollment, variety of courses, and quality in instruction.

We offer blended online classes, delivering effective contactless learning anywhere as long as you have a computer, mic, camera, and internet connection.

Our Canvas course shells include interactive and enjoyable materials for self-study and practice anytime on any device. Each lesson includes a set of 2 PowerPoints covering the lecture and review. Zoom lectures include breakout room activities with classmates.

LACC Korean Ranks #2 Nationwide

According to a poll by, the LACC Korean Program is ranked #2 in the United States, and for only 10% of the cost of the #1 ranked school the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Student Resources

Self Study Quizlet

Helps you start with typing in Hangeul; flashcards, fun exercises, and games for memorizing new vocabulary.

PIP Lang

PIP Lang (Pronunciation, Interpretation, Performance), developed in cooperation with Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Colorado Boulder, aims to provide learners with real-time interaction with virtual Korean speakers in conversation. Leaners can best improve oral performance after studying Guided Conversation or Spontaneous Conversation in the Anytime Korean textbook.

Lesson Conversation Videos

All About Anytime Korean Series

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in the anytime Korean series each unit is divided into three parts conversation provides information about the actual place and situation where the conversation takes place through illustrations here learners will be able to see the purpose and the objective of the conversation new words and expressions identifies new words or expressions used in the model conversation and practices the words and expressions identified through the following q a type questions in patterns expressions and practice we understand sentence patterns and expressions used in the model conversation and through the practice of completing sentences we practice how sentences and expressions are used in the context which is our learning objective the content and new vocabulary in culture are designed to be used by learners in the next section guided conversation and spontaneous conversation in this section students will be able to hand write directly in the book what they listen to and understood in the model conversation in the classroom since the learners have already understood one complete dialogue from the previous section it will be easy for them to answer in Korean the questions being asked guided conversation is a conversation exercise that is used in a way to change or expand the word order while maintaining the basic purpose of the model conversation here we expand the words and expressions used in the model conversation and practice using the target grammar and sentence patterns of the unit learners arriving at spontaneous conversation are already familiar with the culture vocabulary sentence patterns and expressions so they can engage in natural conversations with their classmates this section is designed to allow you to create a script or to present the conversation in a narrative format after a natural conversation with your classmate the third and final topic preparation part consists of topic listening reading and is only available in the intermediate series in this section listen and discuss guided conversation spontaneous conversation which is the main hands-on activity part of the anytime Korean textbook it is designed to integrate listening speaking reading and writing and perform pair activities with classmates in addition each section is designed so that the teacher student and student teacher interaction can be conducted using only Korean the learner starts the model conversation with listen and discuss to learn the target sentence patterns and expressions and then repeatedly practices it in the spiral up state of guided conversation in addition during this spontaneous conversation phase the students will engage in significant activities in which they will express the target sentences and expressions once more therefore because these three types of meaningful step-by-step process are practice to achieve conversational goals students can easily use the target sentence patterns and expressions even in real conversational situations anytime Korean textbook allows you to practice conversations with a Korean virtual speaker at anytime after completing the listen and discuss or guided conversation of each lesson the most effective learning experience will be achieved when the student performs the pip activity with online assignments or online classes pip is the combination of the first letters of pronunciation interpretation and performance in each activity the learner will practice speaking according to the context of the conversation alternating the roles of speaker and listener with the Korean speaker one-on-one also when the conversation is complete not only can you hear the results yourself but you can also upload them and submit them as assignments to the teacher pronunciation is simply an activity that listens thinks and repeats interpretation is a spiral up process that allows you to see think and translate english into Korean performance is the process of being spiraled up once again thinking and speaking in Korean after instructions are given in english this pip activity changes roles in three parts to practice the same conversation a total of six times so the learner successfully develops conversation ability if anytime Korean is adopted as a textbook you can download test questions in the form of powerpoint midterm exam final exam unit tests etc in the classroom management menu in particular we provide files for uploading course websites such as canvas d2l moodle and blackboard professors can conveniently set up syllabus ppt quiz exam files on the course website you can check the submission time and listen to the recordings of the assignments submitted by students through the pip activity in classroom management the anytime Korean series features anytime an online only platform classes can be organized in various teaching modes to meet the needs of each school such as in-person class remote class online class you