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Gregory Gonsalves

Professor Gregory Gonsalves

This is a site where my Life Science students can get their grades and assorted class information. I teach at Los Angeles City College.


Class update 3/28/2020:  Classes are set to begin in a couple days (March 30th) and so I want to make sure you are prepared.  Check out this link for a document regarding student resources for online/remote learning. The Canvas Course Shells have not yet been published but they will be before Monday.  Next week there will be a quiz in all course sections and classes will meet via Zoom at their regularly scheduled times for lecture and lab.  A link for the Zoom meeting will be found on the Canvas Course shells.  I found out that you do NOT need to get a Zoom account to participate in a Zoom meeting so do not bother to sign up for an account if you haven’t already.  Next week’s quiz will cover sections 2.5, 6.3, and 11.3.  Remember that Tues is a holiday so the Tues/Thur lecture class will resume on Thursday.  Take care and stay healthy!

See the note below about free internet for low-income households.

Free internet for students

Charter, Spectrum, and Comcast are offering two months of free internet to low-income households. WiFi hotspots will also be open for the public. 

Direct students to:

• Charter and Spectrum: 1(844)488-8395

• Comcast: (855-846-8376) for English speakers or (855-765-6995) for Spanish speakers

Links to Grades

WINTER 2020 Physiology 1 Grades

FALL 2019 Physiology 1 Grades



See the individual course pages in the upper left menu for more notes and presentations.