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Los Angeles City College Professional Development Center

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Professional Developement

Welcome to Los Angeles City College’s Professional Development Center. Starting July 1, 2019 LACC is switching to the Vision Resource Center (VRC) for our professional Development scheduling and reporting.

Professional Development (PD) provides learning opportunities that will equip us with new knowledge and skill sets so we can better serve our students, so they are able to achieve their educational goals.  Per our AFT agreement, all full-time (instructional and non-instructional) faculty and adjunct faculty in the Los Angeles Community College District are required to complete professional development training hours during each academic year (July 1 to June 30).

Professional Development hours are to be completed in lieu of instructional of 33.5 standard hours. The purpose of professional development is to allocate time outside of the classroom for faculty to participate in development activities that are related to “staff, student, and instructional improvement” (title 5, section 55720).  

Professional Development actives activities are to provide instructional and non-instructional faculty members opportunities to update skills; keep current in curriculum, equity best practices, pedagogy, and technology; and ultimately improve teaching effectiveness. All PD activities should be connected to the overall improvement of performance in the workplace and classroom instruction that aligns in accordance with the mission and objectives of our institution.