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Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty & Staff

Temporary Operating Procedures for Administrative Services Departments
Includes information on interacting with campus access, IT Services, Personnel & Payroll, Mailroom Services, Shipping and Receiving, Bookstore Services, Budget/ Purchasing/ Accounts Payable, Business Office, and Facilities and Operations.

If a student reports to a faculty member that they have tested positive for COVID-19 or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 exposure what is the protocol?

Click here for the District’s Protocol regarding COVID-19 exposure incidents. 

Is there access to free broadband Internet and WiFi for faculty?

Charter announced that it is expanding eligibility for its 60-day free offer for Spectrum broadband Internet and WiFi access to include college professors who do not already have a Spectrum account. Educators who live in a Spectrum market and do not currently have broadband can contact Spectrum at 1.844.488.8395 to sign up. A free self-installation kit will be provided to new households.

Where can I go for help with Canvas?

Online Faculty Assistance & Resources 
General information regarding Canvas—including how-to videos, tutorials, and step-by-step instructions—can be found at the Online Faculty Assistance & Resources page on the LACC website.

Faculty can make an appointment for up to 30 minutes with Adrian Brown (Online Technical Support Assistant) to ask questions about Canvas or Zoom.
with your name, question or problem, and your available times.

What if my class has a lab?

For non-science labs, reach out to your Department Chair, IDWG Dean, or Dr. Lancaster’s office with your specific questions. 

Lab science instructors will soon be able to use software from Labster, a company that has developed lab simulations for use in several science and technology courses including the biological sciences (physiology, microbiology, ecology, cellular and molecular biology, etc.), biotechnology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, engineering, food science, lab safety, environmental science, and other sciences. More information will be provided once Labster has been integrated into Canvas. 
Watch the recent online information session about Labster

What do I do if I need to get into my office on campus?

All Essential Staff and Visitors Are Now Required to Wear Cloth Face Coverings While on Campus

You must check in at the Sheriff's Office before proceeding to your office as well as when you are leaving campus. Faculty can come to campus Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm to retrieve things from their offices/classrooms as needed. Your visits are limited to a maximum of 1 hour. The goal is for you to pick up your materials and immediately leave campus. Please refrain from using the restrooms while on campus.
Learn more about Temporary Access Protocols

What if some of my students still need a laptop?

Los Angeles Community Colleges Scholarship Page
Have them visit the Los Angeles Community Colleges Scholarship Page and search for “Emergency Laptop Scholarship.” 
Step-by-step instructions can be found here

What if I need a laptop to teach my class?

If you need a laptop/Chromebook for the remainder of the semester

Email Technology Support at

IT staff will arrange pickup of the laptop/Chromebook through the Sheriff’s Office.

Don't see the answer to your question?

Contact the LACC Hotline

If you have a question and are uncertain who to contact, send an email to: