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Theater Arts / Theatre Academy

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Theatre Academy Admission & Auditions

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page prior to beginning the admissions process.


There is NO application fee to the Theatre Academy.

1. Select the appropriate link below to complete an application in your specialty.

  • Acting Program online application
    • An acting application must be on file to obtain an audition time.
    • Applicants are to arrive for the audition prepared with two contrasting monologues
      • Either classical and contemporary, or dramatic and comedic, no more than two minutes in length.
    • Auditions are observed by the Theatre Academy Chair and Academy Acting faculty.
    • How should you prepare? Please see the FAQ page.
    • Call (323) 953-4000 ext. 2970 for more information.
* Auditions during COVID

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the LACC Theatre Academy will also accept online auditions. In an online Zoom audition, actors will perform one monologue (2 min) instead of two.

Costume and Entertainment Technology Programs

Applicants will be contacted by the Head of Costume for an interview appointment.

Applicants will be contacted by the Head of Entertainment Technology for an interview appointment.

2. If accepted to the Academy, students must also apply and be accepted to Los Angeles City College.