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Frequently Asked Questions

Theater Arts Program FAQs

Did anyone famous ever attend LACC?

Yes, among many other successful, working graduates of the program, alum Mark Hamill made a special appearance to benefit the Theatre Academy on December 6, 2015, and March 8, 2018 he received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Watch the ceremony here.

Here is Morgan Freeman on what he learned at LACC.

And a list of other notable acting alumni of the Theatre Program.

How do I join the Theatre Academy Acting program?

You must file an application to obtain an audition time.

Please visit the Theatre Academy Admission & Auditions page for admission applications and audition dates.

Call (323) 953-4000 ext. 2970 for more information.

Where is LACC?

At 855 N. Vermont, Los Angeles. This is the East side of Hollywood, West of downtown Los Angeles. See area map with commuting information.

Where is the Theater on campus?

The Theater complex is located on the main quadrangle of the campus, adjacent to the Administration building and across from the Library. See campus map.

How do I Register for LACC?

If you are accepted to the program after your interview/audition, you still need to apply to Los Angeles City College and officially register in the classes indicated by the head of your area.
Application to Los Angeles City College

How much does it cost? 

* As of August 2021,

California Law requires that all students pay a fee to attend community colleges, based on the number of units enrolled. Students on public assistance may be exempt from paying this fee.

  • California residents (over 1 year) pay $46 per unit.
  • Out-Of-State Residents - non-residents of California = $215 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $261 per unit
  • International students: Foreign Citizens = $215 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $261 per unit
  • Associated Student Fee - $7
  • Student Representation Fee - $2
  • Health Services - $11
  • Parking Pass (Regular) $20 or (Preferred) $27

Effective Summer 2009, the availability of Non-Resident Tuition Waiver is based on three additional factors:

  1. Student is a citizen and a resident of a foreign country
  2. Student is legally precluded from establishing residency in California
  3. Student has an individual financial need

All of the above three conditions must be met to qualify for a Non-Resident Tuition Waiver.

NOTE: The I-Med fees for International Students have also increased to $498.00 for Fall and Spring Semesters.

Are there scholarships and/or assistantships available?

There are presently no scholarships and/or assistantships available for incoming theater students. Those who qualify for low -income assistance should immediately apply at the Financial Aid office. However, funding is not usually awarded within the first semester of attendance.

For more information about scholarships and requirements visit LACC Foundation

I am not a U.S. citizen. What do International Students need to know?

Non-resident tuition for students who are citizens of a foreign country is currently $215 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $261 per unit. They must have earned a high school diploma from a U.S. high school, or equivalent education elsewhere.

  • A score of 450 or higher on the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
  • Certification of your ability to pay non-resident tuition and enrollment fees (currently $215 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $261 per unit), plus living and personal expenses for 12 months (approximately $6,500). Personal and living expense certification is waived if you are, or will be, living with a U.S. sponsor who will certify that these expenses will be covered.
  • $35.00 non-refundable application processing fee.

For more information, see the International Student Center Foreign students on an F-1 visa pay a $25 per semester international student processing fee. If you are on a student (F-1) visa or want to get a student (F-1) visa, please contact:

Los Angeles City College
International Student Office
855 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 953-4000 ext 2470
Fax: (323) 953-4013

Contact Los Angeles City College International Student Office by e-mail.

I am not a California resident (at least 1 year). What do Out of State students need to know?

Out of state students who are non-residents of California pay non-resident tuition, currently $215 per unit + enrollment fee of $46 per unit = $261 per unit.

Where will I live? Is there Housing?

The college does not have housing facilities. LACC is a commuter campus, and most students live in privately owned housing. There are many apartments in the immediate vicinity with monthly rental fees beginning at approximately $500. Most students share apartments to control costs.

If you are moving into the area, you should allow time to find an apartment. The Student Welcome Center maintains housing information listing rooms for rent, roommates wanted, apartments to share, room and board in exchange for work or babysitting, bachelor apartments, single apartments, and some one-bedroom apartments. These listings are usually supplied by apartment managers and community residents interested in renting to students.

We strongly suggest that you have sufficient funds available before coming to Los Angeles, or make arrangements to live with relatives or friends temporarily.

Can I work while I go to school?

Yes, but it must be limited and very flexible to allow for the production schedule. Every semester requires participation in a production course requiring evening and weekend hours.

Can I attend part-time?

Generally, no. Participation in the program requires full-time committment to a block program of classes. A limited number of classes in the Costume program can be taken separately as a part-timer until you are accepted to participate in the full program.

Can I take night classes?

There are presently no night or Saturday classes available in the Theatre Academy program. There are a limited number of Theater Department classes available for General Education and transfer purposes, including sections at night.

Are there any prerequisites? I don't have a very good grade point average. Can I still be accepted?

You must have either graduated from high school or passed an equivalency exam, AND pass the interview/audition process.
International Students prerequisites

Can I transfer the credits for classes I've taken elsewhere?

Yes, but this is usually limited to courses in Introduction to the Theater, Theater History, and Beginning Stage Makeup. The Costume and Scenic programs may also waive courses based on previous credits.

Can I transfer Academy classes to other institutions?

Yes, but acceptance is specific to each institution. Some of our classes may not transfer at face value, but qualify as electives.

Will I be earning a degree?

No, this training leads to a Vocational Certificate. Additional General Education requirements must be taken outside the Theatre Academy program to earn the Associate Arts degree.

Will I get job placement at graduation?

Not formally. This industry is largely a freelance enterprise, however it also relies on networking and recommendations. When inquiries seek trained students for jobs and internships, we regularly promote our trained graduates.

How do I apply for admission to the Academy?

Please visit the Theatre Academy Admission & Auditions page.