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Theater Arts / Theatre Academy

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Theatre Academy: Actor Training

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The Theatre Academy Actor Training Program in Hollywood provides intensive training in all skills and techniques an actor needs.

Why choose the Theatre Academy?
  • FOCUS: All required classes pertain to theatre and acting. 
  • PRACTICUM: In addition to the foundation of classical theatrical training, the Academy regularly collaborates with the Cinema/TV department, providing practical experiences to develop the skills needed for film and television acting,
  • CONCENTRATION: Classes are restricted to those few committed to the program, who train with working professionals.
OK, what's next? (How to enter the Academy)

There are two paths into the Academy program

  1.  Submit the Online Acting Program Application‚Äč
    1. Audition and interview. We are currently accepting Zoom auditions.
    2. Perform a single monologue live on Zoom. The monologue is to be fully memorized, 3 to 5 minutes long, from a published play, and allows you to demonstrate your ability to play a character. 
    3. Once accepted into the Academy, apply for admission to Los Angeles City College


2. Enter LACC and enroll in an introductory Theatre Department course - TA 200 (both day and night classes). Passing Theater 200, you may enter the conservatory program the following semester.

Have more questions? 

Leave a message at the Theater Production Office: 323 953-4000 X2970