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Message from the Department Chair

Dear Students,

My name is David Sedghi and I am the chairperson for the Psychology Department and I would like to welcome you to our department. Psychology is an incredibly diverse field with focus in areas of personality, learning, human cognition, behavior, emotion, and mental health. The psychology department at LACC is committed to giving our students the best educational experience we can. More specifically, our mission is three-fold: 1) You will be academically prepared to achieve your goals; 2) You will have the knowledge and skills for a smooth transition to a career in psychology or human services, and 3) You will become a happier person as you learn to use psychological principles to understand yourself and others. 

 I have always found it important that you know your professor'sPicture of David Sedghi background and I am hopeful that as you enroll in our courses, you will learn about our diverse and passionate faculty. My own journey into the discipline of psychology began as a California Community College student. Upon completion of my studies, I was incredibly fortunate to begin teaching at LACC in 2005, first as an intern, then as an adjunct, and ultimately as a full-time tenured professor of psychology, before becoming department chair. I am actively involved on campus and I look forward to coming to work at City College everyday. I hope my love and passion for education becomes evident in the way I approach every class and every interaction I have with students.

Lastly, and more personally, I am the son of immigrant parents. I am among the first in my family to be born in the United States of America. Pursuing an education has been a central value in my family and I am eternally indebted to my family and professors for helping me cultivate a career as an educator. It is my intention to pay forward that dedication and commitment to our students.

All of us in the Psychology Department are excited to share the many opportunities of this amazing field with you. We are here to help you on your journey and welcome the opportunity to work with you in our many courses and programs.


Wishing you the very best,

David Sedghi MA, LMFT   

Department Chairperson for Psychology