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Adjunct Faculty

Rochelle Sechooler

Rochelle Sechooler B.A., M.A., and Ph.D


Contact Info

Office: HH 100

Courses Taught:

I teach Biological Psychology (PSY 2), Stress Management (PSY 60), Critical Thinking (PSY 66), and Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Field Work (PSY 81-86)

Biographical Statement:

Department Chair:

I have been Department Chair since 1994. When thinking about my role as Department Chair, I often feel like the scientist Jonas Salk, M.D. who said when reflecting on his work, It's a calling, if you like, rather than a job. I feel impelled to do [and to try to] keep things moving in positive, creative, and constructive ways.

Why Psychology? 

I think psychology seeks to answer the most profound questions in the world.  The author, Leo Tolstoy said, There are a limitless number of different sciences, but without one basic science that is, what is the meaning of life and what is good for the people, all other forms of knowledge and art become idle and harmful entertainment.  I have found the topics in psychology from the influence of the gene on love and aggression to the influence of group dynamics in the President's cabinet on war and peace not only important but also intensely interesting.  I fell in love with psychology as a college freshman in the general psychology course and have continued to love psychology in all its many forms and expressions until today.

Why teach?

 After 20 years, I still can't believe that I have been privileged to have this wonderful opportunity to share knowledge that I find so meaningful with the most wonderful community of students and colleagues.


I am inspired by listening to audio books on my long commute to the college, poetry, keeping a journal, going to the movies, nature, swimming, and yoga.

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