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Adjunct Faculty

Kiomars (Eric) Fiazi

Kiomars (Eric) Fiazi B.A., M.S.

Emeritus Professor

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Office: HH 100

Biographical Statement:

I was born on the other side of the globe, a very long time ago. From childhood I have had a desire to pursue art, literature, and psychology, as well as, a strong hope to come the the US. In 1960 this wish took shape- I came to the US and I began pursuing psychology. In 1966 I received my BA from UCLA and MS from USC in 1970.

My teaching career started in 1970 at Los Angeles City College. ;Almost from the beginning in my teaching career my goal was to develop a method where I could blend art, music, literature, and psychology together meaningfully. ;I envisioned that to help students expand their horizons, to be educated, be happy and productive members of society, it was necessary for me to blend in the multiple subjects that focused on the "human growth", especially scientific and critical thinking. I "use" psychology to teach these ideas. I believe my students understand my method and my goal, and they have been responding with appreciation.

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