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NonCredit Adult Education

Frequently Asked Questions for Faculty

Where can I find up-to-date information?  

Please take the time to read the info from each of the links below and share with students. These are updated daily and are also linked as buttons on top of the LACC website.  

Our program is also posting updates and information on Social Media. Follow us on @laccnoncredit01 and @laccjobprep 

Which classes will meet online? When can in-person instruction resume? 

Starting on 3/30, and until further notice, all noncredit classes will meet online. In-person instruction will resume when it is safe to do so and will be communicated through the LACCD Chancellor’s and LACC President’s office. Offsite classes will NOT resume in-person instruction until both LACCD and off-sites re-open (May 4th at the earliest).   

As classes resume, please work on engaging students by keeping the line of communication open reassuring them that while this is a challenging time, we are here to support them continuing their education. Please spend the first few class meetings orienting students to online learning which can include activities to navigate Canvas, Zoom or other systems and setting as well as setting new class norms.  

How should I track online attendance?  

As for attendance, I understand there are many questions and I thank everyone for your flexibility, commitment to students, and hard work to convert classes to online modalities. The changed circumstances we are experiencing undoubtedly will require us to be even more flexible to meet the needs of our students. While some contact will continue to be synchronous (meet at a designated date and time), the new landscape we live in will require your course content to be truly open-entry so that students can access instruction whenever it’s possible for them (asynchronous).   

For class meetings prior to 3/15, please log in your attendance on the Daily Attendance tab on Peoplesoft (normal process). As a WIOA II agency, we are still required to report attendance on a weekly basis.  As you transition to online modalities, please continue to track attendance.  

For attendance logged online starting after 3/30, please use the Rollcall feature on Canvas. We are working with the Office of Institutional Effectiveness to determine whether attendance reports can be pulled or whether we will need you to download and submit.  Understanding that students cannot “sign in,” I ask that you mark attendance for a given day on Canvas’ Rollcall. Attendance in Zoom Conference class meetings should be recorded through the Canvas’ Rollcall. There are many ways you can track participation from your students to determine attendance and engagement. For example, in addition to the Total Activity log on Canvas, you can also track student participation through activities including classwork, Kahoot, Quizzlet, etc. Attendance in these activities should also be recorded.  

Can I meet with students in person on my own? 

NO. Do not meet any student in person. This is a safety issue for you and your students. You can continue to communicate with your students via phone, Remind, text, social media, Zoom and Google Voice. You can share how-to-guides and pictures videos through these means. We understand that the transition to online instructions will be stressful and challenging for students and are working on remote support systems and strategies for students.   

We have received some emails and calls from students that their instructors are not answering emails or phone calls. We have asked students that they be patient if their professors have not responded and to know their faculty are working tirelessly to get their courses ready for Monday, March 30th and that many of them are taking time this week to be with their families during spring break. We are also telling students to rest assured that their instructors will be contacting them when the semester resumes on Monday.  

How can I get my students contact numbers? Addresses?  

Within the next few days, LACC Noncredit staff will be emailing you rosters with phone numbers and addresses on file for all your students. Please note that addresses and phones were collected from students when they first applied to LACC and may no longer by up-to-date. Your sign-in sheet may have more accurate contact information for your students.  

Can I come to campus? Where do I go for IT support?  

Campus is open with essential personnel supporting the safety and business and technology continuity. The bulk of LACC Staff and offices are now working remotely. Facilities have been disinfected and locked, entering offices and classrooms is on an as-needed basis and will require approval from either Dean Ramirez or Dean Perez.  

IT is also working remotely. Do not come to campus to visit IT. For technology related support, please contact If IT determines your situation requires a campus visit, you do not need Deans’ approval to come to campus but please make sure to follow instructions outlined by IT.  

How can my students or I contact the office?  

We are all still here, just not in our regular offices. Program staff is working remotely Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30pm. Students can call any of our extensions, including our main information line (323-953-4000 ext. 2230) to leave a message, and they will receive a call back.  

Please do not share staff’s personal cell numbers with the public.  

Students can also reach out to us via our social media (@laccnoncredit01 and @laccjobprep) Please like and follow these pages, and encourage your students to follow us on social media as we are posting updates, how-to-videos and information re: classes and resources. 

Until further notice, please do not reach out to any LACCD student workers (Tutors, CGCAs, advisors) as per LACCD directive, they are currently not working. We will provide guidance once this changes.   

Can students get a laptop? Access to free or low-cost Internet?  

YES, and YES. Information on Free WI-FI and Free laptop scholarships can be found on the “Online Student Assistance and Resources” page of the LACC website.  

We also have posted step-by-step guides on @laccnoncredit01 and @laccjobprep

Noncredit students are eligible for the laptop scholarships and several of them have already been approved. Students need to apply through their student portal and will be notified via email.   

What about disabled students? How do I know what accommodations my students require?  

We are required to continue providing accommodations disabled students. Starting with Spring 2020, LACCD adopted an electronic accommodation letter process through Peoplesoft. Please review accommodation letters through your portal and follow-up with the LACC Office of Special Services (OSS) for remote support as needed.  

As a note of reference, keep an eye out for communication re: DSPS (Disabled Student Programs and Services), other than LACC, colleges use DSPS as the name for their disability services. Districtwide information related to trainings and requirements was sent on 3/24 @ 6:26am by Boyer, William.  

Can new students register in my class(es)? How can I add a previously active student to my roster?   

New and continuing students can to apply and register for classes online. We are waiting on information on other ways to register students for whom online registration will be a barrier and for whom paper enrollment materials were not previously collected.  

If you have copies of registration materials and need to resubmit, Admissions and Records is processing these as long as you send as attachment and they contain student signatures. You will need to use an LACCD Email address and send an email to the address below. Please make sure materials include student’s full information (Last Name, First Name, DOB, and Student ID#) along with the course name, course number and permission number (if needed). Send Enrollment materials to Harry @  AKOPYAHH@LACITYCOLLEGE.EDU; CC: RUBALCR@LACITYCOLLEGE.EDU;  SINAPYA@LACITYCOLLEGE.EDU   

What processes are in place for faculty that need to be absent due to illness or family commitments?   

While we hope everyone stays healthy and is able to complete their courses as assigned, to ensure continuity of instruction for our students, we ask that each instructor add at least one other faculty peer as an instructor to each Canvas shell.  

Should your health or family situation require it, there are absence leave options available to you. While many of these depend on your length of services as an LACCD faculty, please do not hesitate to contact Dean Ramirez for us to review and determine the best choice for you.