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Herb Alpert Music Center

The David Alpert Lecture Hall, with two Steinway pianos open in front of empty seats.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I attend class online?

Some Music classes are being held entirely or partially online. Course materials and communication with instructors for online courses can be found on Canvas, within your student portal: Contact your instructors for details on your specific classes.

Are practice rooms available for everyone?

No. Currently, practice rooms are open only to full-time Music Majors in the Applied Music Program. 

How do Ensemble courses work with online learning?

Ensemble courses are functioning similarly to other classes that meet online. Pieces of repertoire are practiced and skills are developed as usual, on the students' own time. Contact your instructor for more information.

I don't see the class I want on the list for this semester. Will it be offered again?

Many of our courses are offered on different schedules. If there's a class you're interested in taking, always feel free to ask our staff about when it will be offered in the future. And remember that we do offer courses in both the Winter and Summer 5-week sessions! 

What does it mean if a class in the schedule is broken down as lecture and lab?

Some classes have both a lecture and lab component, and are listed as such in the schedule. Nonetheless, these are single class periods. For example,

8298 LEC 1:30pm - 3:35pm M C.PARK CH 104
& LAB 3:35pm - 5:40pm M C. PARK CH 104

is a single course that runs on Mondays from 1:30pm - 5:40pm.

Which classes qualify as a Performance Ensemble?

Performance ensembles include College Choir (Music 501), Philharmonic Choir (Music 531), Commercial Ensemble (Music 702), Chamber Music (Music 705), Wind Ensemble (Music 751), Jazz Band (Music 781), and Jazz Combos (Music 782).

Instrumental students who do not yet qualify for an instrumental performance class should enroll in College Choir (Music 501).

What Department of Music scholarships are available?

Most scholarships are limited to Music Majors, but there are some exceptions. Check the Music Office for application deadlines and requirements.

Visit the Department of Music's Scholarships page for a full listing of scholarships/awards.

Scholarships/awards are handed out at the end of either the Fall or Spring semester during the Honors Program.

How many times can I take a class?

Students may repeat Performance Ensembles up to three times (or, take them four times in total). No other courses may be repeated with a passing grade.

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