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Herb Alpert Music Center

The Herb & Lani Alpert Recital Hall

Applied Music at LACC

The HAMC Applied Music Program (AMP) is designed for students seeking to transfer to four-year universities and conservatories to complete a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music degree. AMP students receive a full scholarship up to $1500 per semester for 12-15 private lessons to prepare them for performances and auditions.  Admission into AMP requires a completed application and a video audition submission. Students accepted into AMP must become a full-time music major for two consecutive years, enroll in required transfer music courses, and fulfill all the expectations required of an LACC Music Academy Herb Alpert Music Scholarship student.

How to Audition

The application for the LACC Music Academy Herb Alpert Scholarship serves as the foundation of the application for admittance to the Applied Music Program, as all AMP students are recipients of the Herb Alpert Scholarship.

In filling out the application, students who wish to submit an audition for Applied Music must select "Applied Music Program (Transfer Track)" under Program of Interest.

Apply here: