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Modern Languages & Civilizations

Korean Language and Civilization Courses

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LACC Korean Ranks #2 Nationwide

According to a poll by, the LACC Korean Program is ranked #2 in the United States, and for only 10% of the cost of the #1 ranked school the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Why Study Korean?

South Korea’s economy ranks Number 3 in Asia and Number 13 in the world. It is the world’s leader in information technology and is an important player in engineering. South Korea’s energy today is reflected in contemporary art, film, literature, music, and drama as well as in its robust economy.  The National Security Education Program considers Korean a language critical for U.S. national security and economic competitiveness. Korean is spoken by 78 million speakers as a first language. This makes Korean one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Korean is spoken by 1 million people as a heritage language in the United States. 

About the LACC Korean Program

Korean Language and Civilization Studies is a strong tradition at LACC due to the campus' location in Koreatown. It is the most extensive program of its kind at a 2-year college in California. LACC is the first community college in the state to offer an Associate of Arts degree in Korean. We also offer a non-transferable certificate in Korean Language & Civilization (Intermediate & Advanced levels). Our program is dedicated to providing Korean language and civilization education to anyone who is interested. Our instructors are experts who are passionate about what they teach.

Mickey Hong
Director, Korean Program

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