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High School Students Checklist

Enrollment Guide for High School Students

High school students (Grade 9-12) are welcome to enroll in courses at Los Angeles City College. The course must be approved by the high school principal or designee, usually a counselor at most high schools. The completion of college credits may be applied towards the recovery of high school units and/or college certificate or degree.

Application Process Checklist
Step 1
Step 1: Applications for Admission

Complete the college application and Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 form.

Step 2
Step 2: Register for Classes

Login to the Student Portal ( to register for your class during open enrollment.

Step 3
Step 3: Get Your Student ID Card

Obtain your official LACC Cub Card ID at the campus Welcome Center, which located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building.

Application Tips
  • For the Enrollment Status question, please indicate “Y = Enrolling in high school (or lower grade) and college at the same time”
  • On the application, be sure to specify the actual term in which the applicant is planning to enroll. For example, if enrolling in a class during summer, be sure to select summer on the application.
  • A completed Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 form must be submitted to the Admissions and Records.
  • After 48 hours after the submission of the application, the applicant should check their email for further instructions.
  • Check the Open Class List posted on the college website for availability of courses.

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