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Student Success & Support Program

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Who Is Eligible for the Student Success & Support Program?

All first-time students who have declared a goal of earning a certificate, AA, or transferring are subject to the program.

The Student Agrees to:

  1. Express at least a broad educational intent upon admission.
  2. Declare a specific educational goal after completion of 15 semester units at the college.
  3. Meet with a College Counselor to establish a Student Educational Plan within one semester after declaring an educational goal and to review the Educational Plan at least once each semester.
  4. Attend classes regularly and complete assigned course work.
  5. Maintain satisfactory progress toward an educational goal according to standards established by the Los Angeles Community College District and the State of California.
  6. Be familiar with the information in the college catalog and schedule of classes, and know and observe all policies and procedures related to the program of study being pursued.


As a student, you may be exempted from the Student Success & Support Program if you meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Have obtained an AA, BA, or higher degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Have completed 30 units or more, including English 101 and Mathematics 125 or equivalent courses.
  • Are enrolling for personal enrichment or recreational purposes without plans of taking more than 15 units of credit classes.

Even if you are not exempted from the program, you may be exempted from assessment if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Have a record of completing English 101 and Mathematics 125 or equivalent courses at a previously attended accredited institution.
  • Have been assessed with the same or equivalent testing instruments at another accredited institution, and have a record of these test results.


If you are not exempt from the Student Success & Support Program but believe you should be, a waiver is available in the Assessment/SSS Office (SS 2F), the Welcome Center (SS 1F), or the Admissions Office (SS 1F).


The Student Success & Support Program is a campus-wide effort of faculty, administrators, staff, and students. However, if for any reason you feel that the program interferes with your rights as a student, there are forms for appeal that are available in the office of the Vice President of Student Services (AD 207).

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