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Information Technology (IT)

LACC Password Policy


Your password is the key to access network resources at the college, which includes Office computers, Outlook email, SharePoint and other campus services.  The purpose of this guideline is to reinforce information security by establishing strong but reasonable best practices for passwords that follow common guidelines recommended by security professionals and aligned with the District’s policy and guidelines.


  • LACC’s network account password will expire every 90 days moving forward.  You may change your password multiple times within the 90 days.
  • New passwords must be at least 8 characters in length
  • New passwords CANNOT contain your first or last name.
  • New passwords must contain at least one character from three of the following four categories:
    1. An English lower case characters (a – z)
    2. An English upper case characters (A – Z)
    3. A number (0 -9)
    4. non-alphabetic character (example: ! @ # $ % ^ & * _ + = , . >)


  • The IT department recommends that you create a passphrase composed of multiple words.  Because of this, a passphrase is more secure against “dictionary attacks”. 
         Example of a passphrase: “TrafficOnThe101AlwaysBad”
  • Do not use a password that can be easily guessed, such as your name, employee ID, addresses, phone numbers, birthdate or any word in the dictionary.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple systems. Please create a unique password for every system you log in to.
  • Passwords or passphrases must not be revealed over the phone or email to anyone.
  • Do not use the “Remember Password” feature of applications (e.g. web browsers).


  • If your LACC Outlook email was configured on your mobile devices such as smartphones or laptops, you first must follow the instructions to change the network password in PART A before following the instructions to update the new password on your mobile devices in PART B.
  • If you don’t have your LACC email configured on your mobile devices, just follow instructions in PART A to change the network password.
  • This password change will only affect the account used to access your office computer, Outlook email, SharePoint and other campus services provided at LACC. The passwords of faculty email, Web Roster, and other District applications such as SAP, DEC, PeopleSoft will remain the same. 


  1. If You Are on Campus - click here for instructions.
  2. If You Are off Campus - you can use Outlook Web Access to change your password - click here for instructions.


Tip: If you change your email password on the computer, updating it on your phone will help prevent your account from being locked.

  • Update LACC email password on an Android phone.
    1. Open the Settings
    2. Tap on Accounts
    3. Tap on Exchange
    4. Tap on Account Settings
    5. Tap on email account
    6. Tap on Incoming Settings or on Server Settings
    7. The next screen will show you a few fields
    8. Tap on the Password field to enter the new password
    9. Tap on OK or Done
  • Update LACC email password on an iPhone or iPad.
    1. Open “Settings”
    2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendar”
    3. Select “Exchange”
    4. Select the account you want to update the password for
    5. Select the “Password” field to update the password
    6. Delete / Clear the password if needed
    7. Enter the new password
    8. Tap “Done”


If you run into any problems in the process of changing your password, please contact the IT Helpdesk at extension 2049 for assistance.

Los Angeles City College | 855 N. Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles California 90029


Phone: 323.953.4000


Emergency: 323.953.2911