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City College Information Technology (IT)

Configuring Your Browser

Configuring Your Browser to be able to use the LACCD Portal

  • The LACCD Portal is hosted and maintained at the District Office of LACCD.
  • The LACCD Portal is only compatible with Internet Explorer browser, version 6 with SP2.
    It is not compatible with Firefox 1.5, 2 or Internet Explorer 7.
  • The LACCD Portal can only be seen from inside campus from an employee computer.
Internet Explorer ConfigurationInternet Explorer Information Box

Finding your IE version
You need to have Internet Explorer browser, version 6 with SP2

  • Go to Menu: Help -> About Internet Explorer ...





  • Internet Explorer Tools MenuAdd LACCD Web site to Trusted Web site list Go to Menu: Tools -> Internet Options ...





  • Click on the Security tab and click on the Trusted Sites image.Internet Options Menu
  • Then click on the Sites button. The Trusted Sites window will open.
  • Type "*" and click Add.
  • Make sure that "Require server verification ..." is unclicked.








Internet Explorer Tools Menu
Do not block pop-ups from LACCD Web site

  • Go to Menu: Tools -> Pop-up Blocker -> Pop-up Blocker Settings ...


  • Go to Menu: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy tab -> Pop-up Blocker section, click Settings
  • Type "*" and click Add.
    Pop-up Blocker Settings Box

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