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City College Information Technology (IT)

Academic Network

The log in screen as seen in windows 7. To log in, enter your academic user name and password in the spaces provided.Computers on the Academic Network can be identified by the Log On screen. If you are attempting to log in to an academic computer, it will say “Log on to: LACC_UIA” underneath the Username and Password boxes

  • An account in the Academic network is usually referred as a UIA account.
  • Only users that have Academic accounts can log onto the Academic network or get a wireless connection.
  • Academic network computers are usually found in the computer labs.
  • Podium computers in the classrooms are also part of the Academic network.
  • If you have problems, please ask the lab staff for assistance.
  • By using any of the computer resources at LACC, the user is accepting the LACC/LACCD policies and regulations.
Student Accounts
  • Student accounts are automatically issued the day after enrolling for a class. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV students.
  • Student accounts are deleted at the end of each semester.
  • For more information about Student Accounts please visit the College Network Account page.
Employee Accounts
  • Academic accounts for faculty are automatically issued the day after an assignment is in the system. As a courtesy, we also automatically create accounts for ITV faculty.
  • Academic accounts for staff are created by request from your supervisor to IT via the IT HelpDesk.
  • To logon to a computer in the Academic network, use your Academic username and password.
    • Be aware that your Academic account is different than your Employee account.

 Contact Us

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Contact the help desk

 Office Hours

Our department is working remotely.

Monday – Thursday:
8am – 8pm

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If you need training on using any of the LACC systems or software, please contact the Teaching Learning Center at extension 2480.