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Ralph Bunche Scholars Program

Honors Academic Counseling

All current Honors students have access to academic counseling through the Ralph Bunche Scholars program. It is highly recommended that you meet with an academic counselor once per semester. Honors counselors can assist you with course planning to meet honors and transfer program requirements.

Appointments are available for the following services: Evaluation of coursework for completion of transfer requirements and/or Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)  | Transcript Evaluation for non-LACCD coursework  | Update/Revise Education Plan (SEP) | Review UC TAG requirements and eligibility

Please Note: If you are a prospective RBS applicant and have questions about the program and application requirements, please connect with RBS Program Director Danielle Muller.

Academic Counseling Appointments

Honors Counselors: 
Cynthia Gomez

Mario Escalante

Honors academic counseling appointments can be scheduled through the Ralph Bunche Scholars Cranium Scheduler or by clicking on "Schedule Meeting" icon in the counselor's card below. 

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