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Academic Counseling

Course Evaluation Request

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This Form is for Internal Purposes Only

Students: Please meet with a counselor to fill out this form.

Student Information

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College/University Information

For example: 2002 - 2006
College Course Type:

Official Transcripts On File?:

GE Purpose:

Please provide your course information in the following format, one course per line:
Course Code; Course Title; Grade Received; Units; GE Subject Area*; Corresponding LACC Course (if known);

*GE Subject Areas:
AA/AS - Area A (Natural Science)
AA/AS - Area B1 (American Institutions)
AA/AS - Area B2 (Social & Behavioral Sciences)
AA/AS - Area C (Humanities)
AA/AS - Area D1 (Communication)
AA/AS - Area D2 (Analytical Thinking)
AA/AS - Area E1 (Health Education)
AA/AS - Area E2 (P.E. Activity)
CSU - Area A1 (Oral Communication)
CSU - Area A2 (Written Communication)
CSU - Area A3 (Critical Thinking)
CSU - Area B1 (Physical Science)
CSU - Area B2 (Life Science)
CSU - Area B3 (Lab Activity)
CSU - Area B4 (Math/Quantitative Reasoning)
CSU - Area C1 (Arts)
CSU - Area C2 (Humanities)
CSU - Area D (Social Science)
CSU - Area E (Lifelong Learning & Self-Development)
CSU - Area F (Ethnic Studies)
CSU - Area US-1 (Historical Development of AI)
CSU - Area US-2 (U.S. Constitution and Government)
CSU - Area US-3 (California State & Local Government)
IGETC - Area 1A (English Composition)
IGETC - Area 1B (Critical Thinking)
IGETC - Area 1C (Oral Communications)
IGETC - Area 2 (Math Concepts)
IGETC - Area 3A (Art)
IGETC - Area 3B (Humanities)
IGETC - Area 4 (Social & Behavorial Sciences)
IGETC - Area 5A (Physical Sciences)
IGETC - Area 5B (Biological Sciences)
IGETC - Area 5C (Labratory Sciences)
IGETC - Area 6 (Language Other Than English)

Counselor Information

Appropriate credit is not awarded until official transcripts are verified. Please check our TES database for the most up to date results and notes. This form is for internal purposes only, to be used by LACC counseling faculty. The Articulation Office has final review and sign off on all external coursework and exams in accordance with governing rules and policies. 

If the Form Does Not Submit

Please check that all required fields are properly filled out. Empty fields will be marked in red.