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Table Reading

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 4/25/2018

The first big step in the rehearsal process.

Theater students gather around a table to read the script for a new play

One of the first steps in the rehearsal process, after a production is cast, is the first read through of the play! This is the usual route to take as you get a chance to hear all the actors speak around each other in succession to hear the voices of the new play. It also gives the director a chance to explain their vision and the design team to present their costumes and sets. 

The cast of Pride and Prejudice was lucky enough to have 2 read-throughs of the play, the first day was filled with introductions and helpful presentations. The lighting designer presented their illumination plans along with inspirations taken from their perspective. The costume designer sent around her design binder with pieces of cloth for us to feel and sketches of the costumes she intended to build or find. Along with the news that we would all be receiving custom corsets! The set designer sent around his mock-ups for the set design, the stage is to be torn apart in a way, the front apron to be lowered to form a garden and an 8 foot elevated section upstage for varied entrances and appearances made us all "aw" in delight. Our director, Louie Piday, then spoke for a bit about her ideas for the production and some of her favorite quotes from the novel. We read through the play and were on our way home.

The second read through allowed for more familiarity. The actors became more acquainted with their roles and understood which scenes they were in a bit better, this allowed for a speedier run.

Picture Credit to Stage Manager Anna Kupershmidt

About The Author

Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.