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Pride and Prejudice Techs Building Away!

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 5/4/2018

The set is being built for the next LACC Theatre Academy production!

Students hard at work constructing the new set.

The tech department at LACC Theatre Academy was busy building the set for Pride and Prejudice!

Our technical department goes through every technical aspect of theatre from lights to sound to props to set design/construction. Most of the set gets built during the class taking place everyday after 2 PM where actors and techs build up the various sets. Actors in their first year are required to do costume and tech classes so they understand and appreciate all the hard work that goes into a production, and so they have knowledge of every aspect of theatre before getting on the stage to act. In their first semester, the actor flips from costume to tech halfway through the year and then in their second semester, the actor chooses between costume design or tech design for the rest of the year. They get the chance to work on crews, sew costumes, and even assistant stage manage.

The set for Pride and Prejudice is going to be a big one! The set will consist of a large two story building upstage, with a playing space downstage, and a garden area in front of the apron. This will all do beautifully on our newly remodeled floors! After years with floors that had been aging and painted over and over again, we got brand new floors set on the stage that will set a beautiful precedent for this coming production.

Check back again for the finished product!

About The Author

Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.