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Pride and Prejudice Preview

Rachel, Theatre Academy | Originally Published: 5/15/2018

Lady Catherine de Bourgh has condescended to help you with your etiquette, check out this preview of what is to come in Pride and Prejudice closing this weekend!

Pride and Prejudice takes place in 1813, considered the Regency era. Dress codes as well as behavioral codes were strict. To give you a preview of what kind of codes were necessary to comply with and to have a close look at this new production, Lady Catherine has condescended to help you out.

Make sure to attend Pride and Prejudice this weekend, otherwise Lady Catherine will be most seriously displeased.

Thursday at 3PM and 8 PM

Friday at 8 PM

Saturday at 3 PM and 8 PM

Lady Catherine de Bourgh's Etiquette Class (Pride and Prejudice Preview) from LACC Theatre Academy on Vimeo.

Video Transcript:

Announcer: Introducing the right, honorable Lady Catherine de Bourgh

Lady Catherine: It is high time you have arrived to recieve some proper etiquitte.

You must bow and curtsy in age order.You will note here that the Bennet family is in birth order. See how Mister Collins... yes, well it is not necessary to bow for every lady.

Young Ladies should hold themselves in and wait for the gentlemen to introduce themselves. Not like this...

Young Woman: Yoohoo! Yoohoo!

Lady Catherine: My what an imprudent manner!

When a gentle asks you to dance, especially of high rank, it is encouraged to except him no matter what.

When at a ball, one must be polite and unassuming.

When a gentlemen condecends to take your hand, use courteous language to speak to him, and think clearly.

To find and watch other proper modes of conduct, see LACC's production of Pride and Predjudice directewd by Lady Louie Piday in the Camino Theater.

About The Author

Rachel is a Theatre Major and a member of the LACC Theatre Academy from the Bay Area. She moved to Los Angeles to pursue theatre and is currently in her second year.