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LACC Ranked First Nationwide!

Mariam, Math | Originally Published: 4/18/2019

Out of 170 community colleges participating from the United States, LACC is number 1 for the sixth time!

On March 1st, the second round of the AMATYC competition took place. LACC already had the individual scores for the students who took part in the competition before the Spring Break. However, it took a while till the college team rankings came out. The sum of the top five scores forms a college’s team score for the competition. This year, 170 colleges competed with their total team scores, and guess what? Earlier this week, the team rankings came out and Los Angeles City College is number one again! We are number one in the NATION!

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Congratulations to all the 55 participants from LACC who took part in the AMATYC. Congratulations to LACC Mathematics Faculty and a special thanks to Dr. Anatoliy Nikolaychuk, who has been coaching the LACC Math Club for 19 years. This is the sixth victory of LACC Math Club in the AMATYC competition.‚Äč

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Below are the rankings of the 5 LACC students who got the top scores in total for the two rounds.

Jin, Edward

Lau, Mark

Wang, Emma

Dementyev, Mykyta

Alaverdian, Mariam

I would also like to congratulate Edward Jin, who has been placed #1 among LACC students and placed second in nation. This is the second year in a row Edward comes second among all the contestants in United States.

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About The Author

Mariam moved to the USA 2 years ago and graduated from Bernstein High School in June 2018. This is her second semester at LACC as a college student. Her major is Applied Mathematics. She has always had passion for mathematics because it is an international language and every problem has a solution. During her free time Mariam enjoys reading detective and crime fiction, and researching about Dream Analysis.