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Kate, Dental Technology | Originally Published: 4/16/2018

Senior students learn how to build a Porcelain Crown!

A well done porcelain crown is the crème de la crème of the dental field. One of the most difficult – but important parts – of restoring teeth is also making the restoration match the rest of the patients existing dentition in an aesthetically pleasing way. Below are a couple of before and after pictures of restorations:

Examples of porcelain crownsExamples of porcelain crowns

Much better, right?!

In our class, right now we are learning the basics. This means how to build with porcelain using accurate proportions shape, layering of materials, and translucency. 

Our first porcelain project has been to make an anterior PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal).

First, a metal coping is made for the tooth. The purpose of the metal coping is primarily to properly fit the prepped tooth, followed by providing support for the porcelain. 

The build-up of the layers of porcelain are as follows:

  1. Opaque
  2. Opaque Dentin
  3. Dentin
  4. Enamel
  5. Transparent

The total combined thickness for these layers of porcelain should be between 1.5mm and 2mm. Porcelain is at its strongest when it is between those thicknesses. 

Pictured below is a one of my fellow senior’s first completed porcelain anterior crown!

An example of student work creating a porcelain crown.

The dimensions look good! One can see the difference between the dentin/enamel layers. Generally, we don’t want such a distinctive line between the layers. But keep in mind, this was his first porcelain crown EVER. With that said, this is impressive!

You can also see from the bite view how well the restored tooth makes contact with the adjacent teeth.

More to come on our porcelain projects in the near future!

About The Author

Kate is a Senior Dental Prosthodontics Technology student. She is currently working towards earning her A.S. degree. Kate discovered this field while working for a dentist in Beverly Hills. In her free time, she likes to cook, bake, travel, be outdoors, draw, knit, and things of the sort.