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French Student Spotlight: Gemma and Meghan

Elisabeth, Communications, French | Originally Published: 11/7/2018

Today we share some inspiration from students who are currently studying French

It's not easy learning a new language. Sometimes it's easy to get discouraged and we all need a boost of motivation from time to time. 

Today we'll read some inspiring words from students who are working hard to learn French. 

The first student is Gemma. Gemma says: 

Gemma selfie"Bonjour! My name is Gemma and I am learning how to speak and spell with Professor Rozenkopf in French 1. Throughout the first days it has definitely been eye opening of how different and amazing it can be to learn a new language. Professor Rozenkopf has made class very alive and doesn’t leave any student behind to show their improvement with the class. Although the pronunciations can be a little tricky it doesn’t stop professor from going over the words as many times as needed in order to get it right. This class has definitely been great and the class has been very fun with great vibes and I am very excited to learn!"

Another Student, Meghan, Tells us how she's enjoying the class! 

Meghan photo"Learning a language opens up so many opportunities for you future. Not only that, it’s fun. What class encourages you to talk? There’s an excitement that comes with being able to express yourself in all new words. I highly recommend expanding your mind with French."

Thank you to these two girls for sharing their experiences in the French classroom! We love seeing our students excited to learn. 

About The Author

Elisabeth is in her second semester at LACC and is majoring in Communications. She has always had an appreciation for culture, art, and history. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and creative outlets that fuel her curiosity.