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Bastille Day

Elisabeth, Communications, French | Originally Published: 9/14/2018

What's Bastille Day really like in France?

fireworks over the Eiffel Tower 1

rainbow tower fireworks 1

beautiful firework 1

French flag fireworks

bleu, blanc, rouge

Bastille Day is one of the most joyous days in France. Celebrated on July 14th, Bastille Day (formally la FĂȘte national) marks the celebration of the storming of Bastille, which marked a major turning point in the French Revolution.

Bastille Day is full of festivities throughout the city of Paris and throughout the country. With parades, fireworks, food, and booze, the French really know how to celebrate their rich history. 

The firework show off the Eiffel Tower is spectacular, breathtaking, and one of my favorite Bastille Day highlights. The Bastille Day festivities carry into the night. The pride France has for its history is inspiring. I hope everyone gets to experience what it feels like to gather in the shadow of the Eiffel tower with friends and celebrate a beautiful country. 

Thank you to ESA student Melissa D. for providing some of the photos in this post.

About The Author

Elisabeth is in her second semester at LACC and is majoring in Communications. She has always had an appreciation for culture, art, and history. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and creative outlets that fuel her curiosity.