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The French Experience: Auvers

Elisabeth, Communications, French | Originally Published: 7/28/2018

It's easy to see why Vincent van Gogh would fall in love with a place as beautiful as Auvers.

One of the highlights of this trip, for me at least, was getting to go to Auvers. That's the name of the town where Vincent van Gogh spent his final 70 days. In that amount of time, he painted 80 paintings, many sketches, and numberous writings. When writing to his brother, Theo, Van Gogh said this of Auvers: 

"It is gravely beautiful, it's the heart of the countryside."

Vincent van Gogh observed the tranquility of the yellow wheat fields in Auvers, and so it's fitting that his final resting place overlooks their beauty. He shares a final resting place with his brother Theo, who died a short time after him. 

Auvers has many worthwhile sights and activities. We went on a tour of the Chateau d'Auvers and shared a group lunch there that was absolutely magnificent. 

About The Author

Elisabeth is in her second semester at LACC and is majoring in Communications. She has always had an appreciation for culture, art, and history. Outside of school, she enjoys reading, writing, and creative outlets that fuel her curiosity.