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Television Classes at LACC

Carmen, Cinema/TV | Originally Published: 3/1/2018

Television classes at LACC are great, and now thanks to a generous donation from the HFPA, the Dick Clark Studio is up and running!

Carmen at the Dick Clark StudioThe Dick Clark Studio in the HFPA Cinema and Television building is up and running! We actually started using is last semester; it’s a brand new, fully functional, state of the art TV studio!

Inside the Dick Clark StudioWe now have two Television studios to accommodate beginning and advanced students with the most up to date equipment and software. The possibilities are endless! So far, I’ve helped make a late night talk show, news programs, a sitcom, a workout show, a game show, an awards show, and a variety show.  

Sitcom "In Full Bloom"I wasn’t even planning on taking Television classes at first, since my focus is on Cinema, but after the first the class; it was so much fun, I had to take more! It also helps with cinema since there are a lot of techniques that translate to both fields, so I’m glad that I’ve been able to learn so much about it. I would definitely recommend any of the beginning Cinema and Television classes at LACC.

Carmen doing an Interview

About The Author

Carmen is an actress, filmmaker, and student in the the cinema and television department at LACC. She enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and going to Dodgers games with her husband. She plans on taking Hollywood by storm, and making great movies for years to come!