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Making Movies!

Carmen, Cinema/TV | Originally Published: 5/9/2018

Movie Magic

Weekends can be super busy for a Cinema and Television student! In one weekend I had rehearsals and a filming day for a short I’m producing, a filming day for a short I’m directing (and wrote), and a pre-production meeting for a documentary I’m helping out with. 

Cacophonous Productions: The Movie

I really don’t think most people have any idea how much work goes into making a movie; there’s so many details that have an effect on what you see on screen!

Director, Chris Sicam

A lot of our end of the semester projects are in their post-production phase now, which involves editing, sound mixing, special effects, color correction, and picking up any extra shots (just to name a few things!). I’m taking a producing class this semester though and I’ve learned so much that helps me stay organized; so all phases of production can go as smoothly as possible. 

Cacophonous Productions: The Movie

It’s fun to be able to do different jobs on different projects; I hadn’t really thought of doing sound or wardrobe for instance, but now that I have, I have a greater knowledge and appreciation for them, which I know will help in future productions. 

I can’t wait to see all of the movies I’ve been working on once they’re done. There’s just something about screening your work that makes it all worth it! 

"Across The Water"

About The Author

Carmen is an actress, filmmaker, and student in the the cinema and television department at LACC. She enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and going to Dodgers games with her husband. She plans on taking Hollywood by storm, and making great movies for years to come!