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Cinema and Television Students Intern at the Golden Globes!

Carmen, Cinema/TV | Originally Published: 1/30/2018

This Winter 10 students from the LACC Cinema and Television Department interned at the Golden Globes!

Student Blogger Carmen on the Red CarpetIn the Cinema and Television department, we have the opportunity to apply for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellowship, which I am so grateful to have received. The Fellowship also opened the door for me to be able to intern at this year’s Golden Globe awards. Having a passion for filmmaking is the reason why I’m in school, and to be around the best of the best in the film industry was priceless! Part of my job as an intern this year was to go between the red carpet and the media office bringing memory cards with interviews on them so they could be quickly edited and posted online.

LACC Student Interns pose on the red carpetSome of my classmates were also there, and their jobs varied from working in the credentials office (creating access badges), keeping track of fashion designers who were represented, greeting celebrities and filmmakers, moving and setting up things in the ballroom, and other production assistant tasks. It was a great experience to be able to work with such a charitable association as the Hollywood Foreign Press; they’re pursuing a generous tradition of funding the art, the future and the history of film, and preserving the films of our heritage. The world loves Hollywood, and they keep the Hollywood Dream alive with their support.

 LACC Cinema and TV Interns on the Red CarpetA few people have asked me what the best part about being around all those celebrities was, and how star struck I was… and I’m not going to lie; Laura Dern is an actual goddess… but what strikes me the most; was how as much as people like to elevate artists as stars for making movies and television, at the end of the day they‘re really normal humans like anyone else. They have the same passion for their art that my fellow Cinema & Television classmates and I have. The only difference is that they’ve been working at it a little longer, have some more experience, and are starting to get recognition for their efforts. I feel like I’m on the right path; I’m learning the things that I need to know to be at a caliber to contribute in the not too distant future. Whether I win awards for my films or not, I know that I am gaining the tools to create my vision and contribute to the world of film. 

Red Carpet Selfie of the LACC interns

About The Author

Carmen is an actress, filmmaker, and student in the the cinema and television department at LACC. She enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and going to Dodgers games with her husband. She plans on taking Hollywood by storm, and making great movies for years to come!