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The Summer has to end sometime!

Carmen, Cinema/TV | Originally Published: 8/14/2018

Free time is Film time!

One of the great things about being a student in the Cinema and Television Department at LACC is finding so many other talented filmmakers to collaborate with. Whether it's meeting up at one of the many film trade shows like Cinegear at the Paramount Pictures Studios, or working together on the 48 Hour Film Project; there's always something going on. 

       LACC Students at Cinegear 2018

When working on independent films it's always a pleasant surprize to run into fellow and former classmates who are also keeping busy in the field.

Independent film

On every project I learn something new. The 48 Hour Film Project takes place in many cities and when a classmate asked to be on her team for the Los Angeles Project, I jumped at the chance. As it turns out, making an entire short film in 48 hours is the ultimate marathon for filmmakers! We chose a genre out of a hat (yes, it was like when Harry Potter got dorm assignments), and were given a character, a prop, and a phrase that had to be in the film. With virtually no sleep for two days we were able to see just how much endurance we were able to handle while still being clear, creative, and productive.

48 Hour Film Project
48 Hour Film Project

There are two very important lessons I learned from this experience that I'm glad I know for if (when) I do a film like this again:

1. Pre-production!!! With a well defined time-crunch the inclination is to write and then shoot as quickly as possible. Honestly I would have devoted at least another hour to planning the shots and shooting schedule, and I don't think that would be wasted time at all considering the better your pre-production is; the better and more quickly the production will flow. 

2. Always check the SD cards!!! When using memory cards it is very important to "dump" all of the files onto a computer frequently and check to make sure everything was recorded and looks good. We ended up having a corrupted card and lost some footage, which is basically like exposing film before it's developed; there's no way to get the footage back! If we had more time we could have done some re-shoots, but since we were rushing and didn't have the time, we had to change the story a little to fit the footage we had.  

I'm glad I learned these from experiences though, because it will only make me better at what I do. Hopefully the projects I work on will just keep getting better and better!

Friends, Film and Lemonade, it doesn't get much better!




About The Author

Carmen is an actress, filmmaker, and student in the the cinema and television department at LACC. She enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and going to Dodgers games with her husband. She plans on taking Hollywood by storm, and making great movies for years to come!