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Carmen, Cinema/TV

Carmen is an actress, filmmaker, and student in the the cinema and television department at LACC. She enjoys playing guitar, doing yoga, and going to Dodgers games with her husband. She plans on taking Hollywood by storm, and making great movies for years to come!

Student Blogger Carmen

The Future is Wide Open!

Preparing for a career in Cinema and Television   Learn More

Originally Published: 10/16/2018
Student Blogger Carmen

The Summer has to end sometime!

Free time is Film time!  Learn More

Originally Published: 8/14/2018
Student Blogger Carmen

Making Movies!

Movie Magic  Learn More

Originally Published: 5/9/2018
Student Blogger Carmen

Green Screens and Screenings

It's Spring in the Cinema and Television Department!   Learn More

Originally Published: 4/11/2018
Student Blogger Carmen

Television Classes at LACC

Television classes at LACC are great, and now thanks to a generous donation from the HFPA, the Dick Clark Studio is up and running!  Learn More

Originally Published: 3/1/2018
Student Blogger Carmen

Cinema and Television Students Intern at the Golden Globes!

This Winter 10 students from the LACC Cinema and Television Department interned at the Golden Globes!  Learn More

Originally Published: 1/30/2018