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Logo Usage DO's & DON'Ts

Unauthorized variations of logo usage weaken our brand’s overall impact. See guidelines below for appropriate use (DO's), as well as egregious examples of misuse (DON’Ts).

White Space

Example of clear white space around the LACC logo

For all uses of the logo an area of clear white space must be present all the way around. No other logo, type, or image may appear within a space equal to the height of the "e" in "The City's College".

Incorrect Usage

Examples of incorrect usage of the LACC logo
  • DO NOT rotate, stretch, or skew the logo.
  • DO NOT remove, or rearrange any portion of the logo.
  • DO NOT alter the colors of the logo.
  • DO NOT alter the fonts of the logo, or use italicized fonts.
  • DO NOT add drop shadows, glows, or any other effects to the logo.
  • DO NOT add any elements or embellishments to the logo.