LACC TITLE IX coordinator

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Title IX Coordinator Jeanette Magee:  Associate Dean, Title IX Coordinator
Phone:     (323) 953-4000 ext. 2305
Location: Los Angeles City College
Student Services Village/EOPS office Room 119
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday
                    8:00am - 5:00pm  
Meeting With the Title IX Coordinator

1.       Request Information and Resources

·         Title IX coordinator may give you information on your rights, options, and other resources available to you. No details about the incident need to be revealed.

What Happenes Next?

·         If you do not request, no further actions will take place. You are encouraged to consult with  off campus resources that can advise you on what next steps to take.

2.       Disclose an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

·         Revealing that an incident of Sexual Misconduct took place, but requesting that no action be taken against the offender. Action can still be taken at a later time.

What Happens Next?

·         The college will consider your request to take no action, but it may determine that doing  so could be too dangerous or disruptive to the campus community.

·         If the college decides to take action, an investigation into the incident will begin, and the process will continue as if a formal report has been made.

·         If the college decides not to take action, a record of the compliant will still be kept if you should choose to proceed further. The college can offer arrangements for your safety and comfort, though none  that would directly affect the offender.

·         In either case, you will always be  informed before any action takes place.

3.       Report an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

·         Revealing that an incident of Sexual Misconduct took place, and requesting that the college take action against the offender through its disciplinary process.

What Happens Next?

·         You will be offered arrangements to ensure that you are safe from the offender, which can include changes to your class and/or work schedule, suspending the offender on an interim basis, and many other options.

·         You will be assigned a victim advocate: a trained  volunteer who will keep you informed and ensure that your needs are met.

·         The LACCD Title IX coordinator will gather evidence and witness testimony in order to determine if it is more likely than not the misconduct took place.

·          A Disciplinary Hearing may be held, in which sanctions for the offender will be decided. You will never be asked to confront the offender directly.