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New/Prospective Students
New & Prospective Students Page
If you are looking for a college where your professors and counselors are friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable, you belong at Los Angeles City College! In our atmosphere of friendliness and learning, you can train for a new job, update your current job skills, earn an associate's degree, or complete the first two years of your bachelor's degree transfer curriculum. You will be considered a new student if you have never applied nor attended a school in the Los Angeles Community College district, including Los Angeles City College.
New Student Checklist
New Students Checklist Page
Effective Fall 2015, you must complete your Assessment, Orientation, and Educational Plan in order to enroll in classes. Here's how to do it.
Continuing Students
Continuing Students Page
A continuing student is one who attended classes at LACC in one of the two previous semesters.
Returning Students
Returning Students Page
You are considered a returning student if you have been previously enrolled at LACC but had a break of more than two semesters between enrollments at the Los Angeles City College. Although you may have already submitted an application to attend LACC when you first started here, if it has been (at least) two semesters since you last enrolled you will need to submit another application.
High School Students 
High School Students Page
In accordance with California Education Code regulations, you are considered a high school student (for our enrollment purposes) if you are over the age of 13 and/or entering 10th grade or above. You may enroll as a special part-time student at LACC by completing a Supplemental Application for Admission of Students in Grades K-12 form, which is also available at the college Admissions Office in SS-1F. Enrollment must be recommended by your high school counselor and principal, with parental consent. A student participating in the concurrent enrollment program receives college credit. With the approval of the high school the student may also receive high school credit.
Veteran Students
Student Veterans Website
You are considered a student veteran if you are participating in the Veteran’s program at LACC because you (or the appropriate family member) served in the U.S. Armed Forces and are eligible to file a benefits claim for the Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, Selected Reserve, Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP), Dependent Veterans or V.A. Vocational Rehab.
International Students
International Students Website
An International student is someone applying to Los Angeles City College from outside the U.S., may have never attended college within the U.S., and does not have U.S. citizenship.
Graduating Students
Graduating Students Page
Students planning to graduate should first make an appointment with a counselor. It is important that you make an appointment to meet with a counselor before you submit your Graduation Petition to the Admissions and Records office to see if you are eligible for graduation. This session will be scheduled to confirm that you have completed (or are in the process of completing) all necessary coursework for your degree. You can schedule a counseling appointment online or in person at the Assessment/Matriculation Office (SS-2F). All official transcripts of previous college work must be on file in the Office of Admissions and Records before applying for a degree or certificate.